Difference Engine
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… is a gallery installation running from Jan 22nd, 2019 through March, 22nd 2019. It is made up of dynamic digital projections and music that incorporate a real-time feed of all the deletions happening on Wikipedia. There are an average of 155,520 edits a day on Wikipedia, some portion of which are deletions. What would it be like to stand near the drain where those deletions circle in their last moments before they are gone? Knowledge Lost is a eulogy to those bits of knowledge leaving us behind. Devoid of their original context, it is one last chance for those things to be known. And also a chance to know them as things not to know.


There will be an opening event on January 31st where the artist will be on site answering questions about the piece.


UArts Terra Hall, 12th Floor Gallery

211 S Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19107


January 31st (4:30pm - 9:30pm)



Regular viewing hours for installation:


Jan 22nd - March 22nd

(Sign in at the front desk and say you are there to see Knowledge Lost on the 12th floor)


John Bezark is a West Philly based creative technologist, video artist and interactive designer. He works primarily in MAX/MSP/Jitter, node.js and webGL to build creative systems that are powered by technology. However, with a background in Theatre Directing, he also believes in making immersive and interactive experiences that are deeply rooted in storytelling and audience agency. He’s fascinated by complex systems, board games and history, and, on the whole, is looking forward to the future.

Chris Baldys is a musician and programmer based out of West Philadelphia. He plays guitar in the Post-Punk band “Rabbits To Riches” and performs solo music under the name “little stray” in addition to working with John Bezark on information sculptures.